About Us


David MacGregor has been flying hot air balloons for many years and was the National Hot Air Balloon Champion for 2013. 

The Honiball family host the ballooning on their farm Glen Gray outside Winterton

hot air ballooning in winterton

Resident pilots are able to fly on short notice. 

1st at Nationals in Parys, Freestate

From left: Danie Honiball and Dave Macgregor 


Did you know...

Hot air ballooning is the safest aviation sport in the world?


There are certain criteria that you should know regarding hot air balloon safety and legality.

No Pilot, even if he or she has a valid licence, is allowed to fly for reward, unless it is under the auspices and control of a company that is licensed as an Air Service and has a valid Operating Certificate issued by CCA.

That is why we are flying in association with Westline Aviation,  a Bloemfontein based company. Westline Aviation is well known throughout South Africa.